One Rack

I decided one rack would be all I needed to inspire this cupboard.


This was the type of cupboard I opened quickly because of how precariously I shoved it all in. Over half of the stuff I don’t need, once I took it all out and laid it across the kitchen floor.


The entire time I asked “Do I love it?” which is much more helpful than asking “Is it useful?” because what I have found is that in my kitchen, it ALL can be useful for something. That’s how I end up with cupboards that have so many bowls and cups.


In the end, only what I love is nestled inside. And the rack, did just the trick. What I had been doing before was justifying the clutter to help keep my cutting boards in place. No careful leaning to one side if they are shoved in.

Expect more spring cleaning shots as break approaches. I can’t do it all in one swoop, but I can have mini-bursts of inspiration.

And the bonus for this round was to hear Paul say “Wow Mom, you could actually see what is in there and it’s not all crazy looking.”

Yes Paul, I promise your momma doesn’t love crazy. It’s just what happens when I am not paying attention.

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