My son has not loved the performance part of the play his class has been working on.
DSC_0015He had moments of smiling, but mostly I could see how shy he was and I could relate.DSC_0021All week there were shows for the school and Friday night was the final, evening parent and family event. Grammy went to the day show and snapped this class/cast shot. Super colorful.
20150508_134140Maybe your eyes are drawn to the colorful background, I would like to say “high-five” to papa Joe. Yes, all those years of “outdoor artwork” paid off because he was the backdrop king. I love how it turned out.
DSC_9964And there was singing and dancing and choreography that was simple but exciting to see. This has been weeks of a practice, at home with a cd and script. Celebrated with a cupcake and exhausted by the end of it all. What a show!DSC_0044Final project before school ends: biography report. He chose Jackie Robinson so this weekend we will be reading and working on the poster. He already drew a jersey and wrote an acrostic poem. Busy, busy in first grade.


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