Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

We hope this is true and that our boys get to experience this as their good friends head to St. Louis and Japan for the next four weeks. They can hardly conceive of it, so the date on the calendar has been marked.

We meet at the park, shared snacks, rode scooters, and they got filthy playing baseball on this dirt field while I stayed in the shade.

They gave “bon voyage” gift bags, with treats for their multiple airplane trips.DSC00157

We ate dinner togetherDSC00159sharing all of our favorite dishes at Veggie GrillDSC00161and tried some new summer specials.DSC00162We agreed that this corn was an easy dish we should recreate later this summer.DSC00163We’ve got a running list of things to do when they come back: attend a baseball game (of course!), take an amtrak train, go bowling, and have a garage sale.

We have to have one. Our lease ends Sept. 1 and I don’t need all this stuff. Let’s get rid of it!

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