When Olivine woke up from her nap she immediately asked for pancakes with sprinkles. I explained those were a snack that required some ingredients and time, which evoked a quick response about how she knows because she makes them at school.

DSC_1369It is these exact moments, where I see her as a sassy, full of spunk, miniature version of myself that doesn’t like to hear the word “no”that I respond with a “sure.”DSC_1368She pushed the stool over, poured, mixed, and listened. Her excitement took over with the number of shakes on the sprinkle jar. But that also made her squeal with delight as the sprinkles dissolved into pink pancakes “Like Pinkalicious!” (one of her favorite book characters these days)

She was okay with me being in charge of the actual cooking of the pancakes. That gave her a chance to run outside and announce to the boys that she had made them pancakes.


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