Belated Birthday

Yesterday my mom came over to celebrate my birthday. At the last minute we decided to get manicures. Except that I recently read a New York Times story that broke my heart over the conditions of many salons (particularly those that are inexpensive) and was reminded again that cheap is not always better. Especially when it comes to people and jobs.

When my mom suggested a manicure I remembered the fancy shop near my house (By fancy I mean pays people a living wage, is a local business owned and operated by women).


And yes there are complimentary cupcakes and champagne. Love it!


We both went a little non-traditional. My mom is the red-tipped french manicure.


And I got a design with golden confetti ring fingers. Love it! This place is small so walk-ins are not always convenient. I called and they squeezed us in.


Also, sometimes as a mom I am still surprised at mom skills when it comes to gift giving. So my mom clearly knows me. She doesn’t ask what I want. Once in awhile she will give me a gift card to a shop I love and just encourage me to “think selfishly” and other times it is like she went in my brain and pulled out from my sub-conscious what I really wanted.

If you  know me, then you know I love polaroids. But since having kids, I hardly ever buy myself items like this. It symbolizes life before kids when I could spend money on something very un-necessary. Now everything is mentally categorized into “need” or “want.” Although I might classify a polaroid camera as a “need” not everyone in my family would.

My mom knows none of this. So here is my confession- A good friend in San Francisco has one that I envy even from a distance. Then at Christmas last year a different friend had one. I wanted it so bad. Silver and shiny. I could almost tuck the little treasure in my bag and runaway with it (I never would). But I let it go (physically and mentally). I saw it again at Urban Outfitters. It was calling my name, mocking me, as teenagers carried them to the cashier. Sad to think by the time I can afford one the company may go out of business again. I had even resigned myself to the thought that realistically I would get a cell phone (really??) and then an instagram account before I got a polaroid camera. These are not stories I tell out loud.

Then yesterday, in a bag, I was handed one for my birthday. Only a mom would know this, without me having to say so. She knew it would make me happy on multiple levels. Thank you mom.

Because really who doesn’t love the instant gratification of tiny picture popping out of a camera and magically developing before your eyes?

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