Summer Books

So many noteworthy moments this summer. But Paul being a reader might take first place in the “warming my heart” category. Because every time I turn around he is devouring chapter books.


I find him up late at night, trying to finish “just one more chapter.” He has yet to discover as I did, how much fun a flashlight under the covers can be.

He is reading at the breakfast table. If I squint I can imagine him older, reading while eating yogurt or oatmeal, just like he does now and I am reassured that he will be fine as an adult.

For all the parts of parenting I feel like I might be messing up, I am so grateful he is learning how to read for pleasure. As school has become more serious I was afraid he would develop negative associations with reading.

Some books we read together, like the one below (so good and suspenseful). Bonus: surprised to find a character named Etienne, Paul’s middle name. Score!

But for the most part he is wanting to read on his own. DSC_1564I am finding that has to do with not always being available to curl up on the couch for extended periods of time. He is also bringing books in the car to pass the time. He laughs out loud, and when asked to read dialogue and he gets the expression perfect, my heart swoons. He was just a baby. Now he is a full grown avid reader. Yes…nerd power!

DSC_1555He is even opting out of story time to find a more quiet place to read his own book. Which might be sad, but also completely understandable. He is not interested in hearing “Cat in the Hat” again.

I love reading. I loved the Babysitter’s Club and Anne of Green Gables growing up. So believe me when I say I am over the moon to hear my kid say he is interested in going to the library or wandering around a bookstore. Me too! Perfect date time.


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