Farewell Summer

We have been running errands, practicing waking up early, and going to bed on time. When asked “Who’s ready for school?” this is the response:
DSC01009Meanwhile Joe has been spending every day in his room and today I snapped this quick one of him headed to his first staff meeting this morning (I did pack his lunch, but can’t promise that will be daily).


This time is much more difficult for me because I tend to over-anaylze. The kids are carrying on as usual. This morning they decorated “creature powers”


and played “Target.” They took turns shopping and ringing each other up, with a polite “Thank you for shopping at Target” at the end. A testimony to running errands for school supplies, packed lunches, and classroom set up.


I will report back on the days ahead. Where Joe will head to work, these little ones will be in school, and what transpires for me. Some of my time will be studying, a little bit of time will be spent teaching community college, but I am also going to have some time for myself. I am wearing my pedometer, running before the family wakes up, and slowly eliminating excuses that I have stored up for the last year or so.

Summer, you have been great. Better than expected and never disappointing. Although I hate how hot it has been lately, I know this summer we were spoiled with beautiful weather. With every year that passes I question the concept of a favorite season. Truly I am learning to appreciate the differences that come with each. Fall promises big things this year. And seasons may be a little like having children. There are not favorites, I love them all.

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