The Hotel

Two pools and twenty floors high. We were right in the middle, on the 10th floor.
DSC01068We spent an afternoon at the sixth floor pool. I am surprised at how easily I lay down, trusting my kids are good in the water while I chill out on the sidelines. I think I was spoiled in Palm Springs. I like to think of it as my thirty minute vacation, within the larger vacation where I exhale and empty my brain of list making.
DSC01064 It helps when papa is in the water and the entire pool is 3 and half feet deep.
DSC01062The filter Joe used is in theme with the Dodgers.


This was right downtown with plenty to see and do in the Gaslamp District.


Mimi had a student refer this pizza shop. Yum! Yelp reviews were accurate: good food, good prices, but not the best service.


We mostly care about good food.


Oh and good dessert. So within walking distance from our place we found macaroons


in colorful flavors


and gelato to fill up on.


We did walk around and if we had more time might have gone into the Children’s Museum. Although free is so much better.


This playground was close by and there was plenty of shade.


I always feel like once I am there, I want to stay longer. Maybe that is a good thing.


It leaves me wanting to plan another trip. San Diego is so close to Mexico, I feel like next time, we might as well plan on crossing the border. Or including Legoland in a trip.

DSC01112We are also thinking this is the best way to wrap up summer. Sounds like a great excuse to create a new tradition. Get out of town Labor Day weekend, before school is in full swing.

We will wrap Mario’s September birthday in to every trip. His shirt hints at the real reason for this trip.

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