Luckily I have saved puzzles and games from the boys for this little girl. She loves problem solving. The bonus is these are wooden and colorful. Simple pictures with one word labels, improvising is encouraged.


She makes a big pile and looks at the colors and shapes compared to the picture card.


The borders of the cards are color coded for difficulty and she doesn’t seem to notice. She chooses images she likes and finds a starting point, never giving up. I watched as she twisted and turned pieces to fit like she wanted.


I love watching and listening to her talk it out. She makes thinking faces. Sometimes her tongue peeks out, just like when I watch Joe doing calligraphy. It is a look of concentration.


And as she finishes each one she has such a strong sense of pride in her eyes. She sat there for over thirty minutes. I would hang out for a little bit, slip out and slip back in. She didn’t need me there.

We stayed close to home this morning since she is feeling a bit under the weather. Hopefully nothing too big, but she did have a fever that started yesterday. She slept miserably, lots of moaning, but today seemed better with medicine.


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