Birthday for Grammy

We started preparing for this morning, weeks ago. Like a small storm brewing out over an open ocean. Little by little the anticipation was mounting.DSC01576 We did shopping and planning, putting all the finishing touches together last night. We set up the table for breakfast (knowing we wouldn’t have the energy) because her one request was pancakes (vegan indeed).


When Paul saw the card from Joe that said Mom, he was very confused. Marriage makes you siblings? No Paul, but Joe did inherit a mom.


A few simple gifts that were found and kept hiddenDSC01591

along with homemade cards from little ones.

There was plenty of laughter and love to fill up our kitchen tableDSC01578

and even some wishes made.DSC01580

We took a walk over to the park and somehow squeezed ourselves onto the teeter totter built for a family.DSC01587

Being outside feels cooler than inside with the humidity as high as it is.DSC01583

Our party ended just as Olivine was getting ready for a nap.


A lovely Sunday.


Happy Birthday Grammy!

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