A friend named Kat gave me this word last night. I made a prayer request for myself, putting myself out there, in hope that I will sincerely find answers in this current season. But with a patient heart as well, recognizing it is a process. I want to know how much is too much? What needs to stay? What needs to be added? And what needs to go? I have yet to fully adapt to this new schedule. So I have spent some time last night and this morning doing some mini research on the kangaroo.

Interestingly enough when I came home this was the first paper I saw on the couch, from Henry’s classwork and study of the letter “K” yesterday:


I am confident that God speaks in small whispers and a loud voice, depending on our situation.

So far facts that are resonating with me are that kangaroos are herbivores, unique in their hopping everywhere, strong in their bodies, quick in speed, can carry babies in their pouches (taking care of three babies at once), and have adapted well to their environments. Kat pointed out last night, which I learned is true, that they are a species that has been known to adopt other babies as their own, uncommon for many animals.

My prayer today… I want more of the qualities of a kangaroo.

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