Irvine Regional Park

We tried a different pumpkin patch this year. Less carnival rides and more mellow, out near my mom’s house.


I took Paul out before lunch, when I picked up Henry. We ate lunch at Grammy’s and then headed over. No guilt. I knew this would be too crowded for the weekend. We arrived between school groups heading out, babies leaving for naps, and other children not yet out of school. Perfect!


The highlight is the train ride. Luckily, I saved the pack of tickets my mom had given me years ago. The tickets were useful for some of the pumpkin patch activities.


I love that Henry noticed the empty metal area in front of us was for disabled children, the ones in wheelchairs, like at school where daddy works.


There was a hay maze where they took turns leading one another around.


Check out their theatrical rendition of disappointment in the Dead End.


They drove mini tractors


and Olivine had to go with Paul. The ride was a minimum age of five to ride alone. We laughed hard when Paul misunderstood and thought it was bumper cars and started chasing/crashing into Henry’s tractor.


There were funny little hay horses to ride on


and signs to stick your head in.


A Skeleton family!


They each chose what to spend their last ticket on. The boys ran over to the cookie decorating booth. While Olivine decided to play throw the ring on the pumpkin stem. She had three chances. She is so small she had to stand on the ledge, but she won and her face lit up in surprise. This was her prize she picked out. A little champ this girl is!


In the same park is a small zoo we walked over to. The petting zoo had little brushes to use.


The pictures don’t show the sounds these little goats were making. If you look closely you can see how nervous my boys are because they are listening to their strange noises and wondering if these goats will kick or jump up.


Paul was fascinated by all the birds and their different sized wing spans.


The zookeeper brought out a porcupine that we learned about up close.


Confession: we didn’t purchase pumpkins at the patch. They were overpriced and my mom knew the grocery store down the street sold them for cheaper.


So the countdown has begun.


We are ready for Halloween.

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