Henry started begging to decorate the house for Halloween on October 1st. But we had a birthday for Grammy to plan and a new car to distract us. Slowly over the past week, I have been giving in.


As long as it is easy to put up and affordable, I am in.


We did some webs outside with spiders stuck in them (first time ever).


I also like crafty and colorful.

DSC01697Garlands are fun and so are dangling decorations.


This is one of Olivine’s favorite books right now featuring candy corn


which inspired these cupcakes that Mimi was willing to bake and share (our oven is temporarily out of service). A dozen each is plenty!


My friend Cara has a super crafty momma who sent over a tub for my family. It is supposedly comprised of items she has “just laying around that were tossed together” and I love it!


i highjacked the spider crown from he tub because it fit me the best. Don’t be upset when I confess I will wear it to my college class on Thursday and bring candy to pass out to my students in a plastic pumpkin. Or that I have class on Saturday for myself and may just dress up as my Star Wars character.


This is what happens. I blame it on my kids. They really provoke that holiday spirit in me. It’s contagious. Plus, as a teacher, cheesy all the way is part of our reputation. At least I don’t own any sweaters that feature holiday decor from the Goodwill.

Although I was just invited to a flea market in November that features Christmas decor. I am trying hard to resist the urge to start buying and hoarding such little trinkets. So far I have been so cheap, the materials don’t last and so each year we can start over.

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