Halloween 2015

Paul and I made brains while everyone else napped.DSC01817

The food coloring really looked like blood.DSC01823

Thanks for the decorations Cara.DSC01852

Before dinner we carved pumpkinsDSC01846

on the kitchen floor.DSC01844

We had to wait for the sun to go down for the full effect. They are in oldest from left to right. Olivine wanted a baby pumpkin.DSC01877

After dinner walked the neighborhood for an hour trick or treating. My favorite costume was this skull.DSC01866

Our festive dessert waiting for us chilled:DSC01826

While the kids enjoyed candy before brushing teeth.DSC01875

Who knew Princesses were so fashionably comfortable?DSC01870

Joe saw a girl dressed like Wayne (from Wayne’s World). I am particularly sentimental because Wayne’s World was the first movie we watched together as teenagers. He said “Party on Wayne” and without missing a beat she said “Party on Darth.”DSC01872

May the Force Be with You!


And don’t forget to turn your clocks back. Extra sleep is the best.

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