In the Classroom

I have a pretty sweet deal with an open Wed. schedule and boys just down the hall from each other. My friend Mimi takes Olivine to school for me, I do a hand off to her at drop off as I sign in and grab my badge.


I have been practicing the art of permission slips. The idea comes from Brene Brown’s newest book “Rising Strong.” One of her many great tips is to practice giving ourself permission as a way to shift our thinking. I have given myself permission to show up in the classrooms only if I am ready to be present and not distracted. If I am too stressed with homework or cleaning, the reverse is true. I give myself permission to say “no.”

Bonus: each chapter has these beautifully worded lines in various fonts.


Today I saw the hanging turkeys that I helped students paint last week.


Like any kindergarten class, it is festive looking with seasons and holidays galore.


My favorite part is the writing. The closest insight I get into all those little hearts and minds. I read a story in Paul’s class about a girl seeing a shark tooth in the ocean, but not being able to reach it before it was swept away in the tides. I was captivated by her writing.

Now I am off to do homework, attend Henry’s parent conference, and go to school until 10 pm. Somebody pray I will make it.

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