Low Key Party

I love a mellow, no pressure kind of gathering.

DSC01972Olivine’s friend Nora turned four. Her mom had this brilliant plan to have the girls see the Peanuts movie at 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday. I love this. Hardly anyone was there and the movie choice couldn’t have been better.DSC01973

Then brunch with a larger crowd afterwards. The girls couldn’t be bothered with the jumpy house out back. They wanted to play in Nora’s room the whole time.

DSC01968Cake for you girls, and a mimosa for me. What could be better?

DSC01974Oh and bonus points for homemade cake.


As for the “no gift” policy-we couldn’t resist passing along a favorite book and some art supplies. Never out of obligation but out of tons of love am I learning is where we celebrate with gift giving.DSC01970

I usually don’t like a party where the only person I know is the host. But I wrote myself a permission slip this morning to learn three people’s names and engage in some relatively authentic chit chat. It was a little bit of an opportunity to stretch and grow. A Sunday where I am recharged and ready for a week ahead.

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