with friends and family for this past week.
DSC02236 Every day we have piled into the car and gone somewhere to be with people we love.DSC02293 Of course there has been stress involved, only a fool would deny the difficulty in the holiday season. We have hearts that ache for those we can’t be with or who are no longer here. But I don’t like to dwell on that. I would rather focus on those moments of calm or sunshine.DSC02257I would rather notice the way my kids are thrilled to be the bigger kids and help younger cousins along.DSC02248Or sit beside my cousin, grateful for our friendship in a world that sometimes feels difficult to connect.DSC02298We have put our faith in this next generation, to keep the bond strong DSC02250and to keep laughter alive.
DSC02255They make us laugh.
DSC02258But also just crack each other up.
DSC02260The static hair on this “jumpoline” was amazing.DSC02265Plus the swing that is like a skateboardDSC02280or a snowboard for balance practice.DSC02274The trees are in a continual state of change so Paul had plenty of raking to keep busy.DSC02281Before we eventually moved indoors to eat all evening. We will do it all again in three weeks for the beginning of our Christmas celebrating.

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