This week has been great. Christmas lights make everything feel more mellow.DSC02334Wrapping up class for a few weeks and toasting ourselves! These ladies are the first ones I met in the cohort. Each has been promoted since joining the program. Exciting.
IMG_1159Then there are my students at Long Beach City College. I get a little sentimental as the semester wraps up. Some of them write notes that make me cry (it has been my hardest semester at the college with student needs).DSC02344Feeling sentimental, I also heard from a mother of one of my second graders. She emailed to say thank you. Charles is now in eighth grade and making choices about high school. Can’t wait to be at that graduation in four years.
Little ones even survived flu shots today with no tears. What?!DSC02338 The list of reasons to be thankful seems to continually grow.

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