Las Vegas

The morning after Christmas we piled into the car and drove into the desert.DSC02446 We wanted a change of scenery and are lucky enough to have family members who own a place out in Las Vegas to stay in. Part of the hassle in travel becomes where to stay and can we cook there. This was Perfect. Thanks Aunt Kathy & Uncle Chris!DSC02482We went to the strip (old and new) mostly to walk the streets.DSC_3197I love crowds, flashing lights, and city life. We saw the volcano show in front of the Mirage
DSC02475and walked through the Venetian. Our kids wanted to watch every puppet, magician, or impersonator they could.DSC02484And of course they wanted to shop (but we only looked). Olivine loved that the colors and sunglasses on these puppies.DSC_3187We also explored the surrounding parts, something Joe and I have never done together. That meant visiting the Hoover Dam and looking over the edge, which made our legs shake.DSC02447The crisp air and big skies made for awesome views.DSC02456We also rode an old train after wandering into some Indian trading posts.DSC02459One of the days we explored Red Rock Canyon, a nearby National Conservation Area.DSC02494The kids were junior rangers and wore buttons in pride.DSC02496The snow still on the ground made me smile.DSC02497Hiking around on the trails was a highlight of our trip.DSC02499The rangers gave us good tips and the kids were let loose, whereas in the crowds we held them close.DSC02500 Parts of the path are bridged because in the summer there are creeks and rivers.
DSC_3240It was gorgeous.
DSC_3216We took our time and really soaked in the fresh air.DSC_3235I will brag that these little ones spent hours talking and looking out the window. They drew in their notebooks and asked questions about what they were seeing (solar farms in the desert).DSC02466They also took turns napping DSC02465because schedules were off a bit and we went to bed later than normal, because there was so much to see. That usually means random day sleeping because they woke up in the mornings at the same time.

2 responses to “Las Vegas

  1. Dona

    Hi, just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see all of you last night. The kids are great !!! Looks like you all had a very adventurous time on vacation. Hope to see you soon. Love, Dona ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for the apples and oranges! We loved stopping by and hope to see you soon.

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