Hopeful New Beginnings

is how I feel as I say farewell to 2015. Such a good year and yet I see the potential for better (it can be a curse-ask Joe). But one specific hope is to be a better friend to those near and far. DSC02528This morning, when the mail lady rang the doorbell with a package from France I was squealing like a kid. My pen pal from France- Helene- and I had lost touch. We met via my seventh grade French teacher requiring us each to have a pen pal. We stayed in touch all through high school, into college, where we eventually met in France (1999). She is this amazing girl who taught me how to be a long distance friend through letters and packages and photographs. We both married men named Joseph and had children. Somewhere along there we lost touch and until this year (thank you Facebook) I assumed she was lost- until she reached out to Joe.DSC02530She sent lovely gifts for each of my children and I am thrilled to be back in touch with her. She is one of many ladies I love but don’t live close enough to hang out with.

Not to mention the lovely friends I have in my life now that are sometimes hard to find time to be with. I want to spend time cultivating those relationships that keep me sane. I don’t need more friends (or shoes or stationary or books) I just need to take care of the ones I have been given.

From an ocean and a continent away I am so thankful for Helene.

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