Weekending :: Fun

The kids couldn’t wait to build this gingerbread house covered in candy. A team effort.DSC02351I was more excited about meeting friends at Lola’s. We dined in the parklet.DSC02347The kid friendly nativity scene for their bedroom (found at Target) is a way to tell the story again and again. DSC02350These post-it notes are everywhere. It’s Henry practicing his writing with some style.
DSC02346The highlight was putting up our tree. It’s real but much smaller this year. A compromise. CSC_2966Plus a walkDSC_2968around the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.
DSC_2986We did the two mile loop with such clear weather and sunshine.DSC_2993What else could I possibly need?


This week has been great. Christmas lights make everything feel more mellow.DSC02334Wrapping up class for a few weeks and toasting ourselves! These ladies are the first ones I met in the cohort. Each has been promoted since joining the program. Exciting.
IMG_1159Then there are my students at Long Beach City College. I get a little sentimental as the semester wraps up. Some of them write notes that make me cry (it has been my hardest semester at the college with student needs).DSC02344Feeling sentimental, I also heard from a mother of one of my second graders. She emailed to say thank you. Charles is now in eighth grade and making choices about high school. Can’t wait to be at that graduation in four years.
Little ones even survived flu shots today with no tears. What?!DSC02338 The list of reasons to be thankful seems to continually grow.

Signs of the Season

The hats
DSC_2875The mistletoeDSC02330The fun of a board gameDSC_2883 The sugar cookie decorating
DSC_2935And yes, if you look closely Paul tore off a leg, added a peg leg and a pirate hat to his cookie (in honor of his favorite version of the gingerbread story).DSC_2944Our oven is fixed, so looks like we can do some more baking around here. Any good recipes?

Cheering Section

This journey back to school couldn’t have happened without support from my home team. The time spent on readings, homework, paper writing, and going to class is hard to make a priority when my family is having such a good time.DSC_2878Thankfully Joe believes in me. He is my proofreader, coffee maker, and comic relief. He has to sacrifice as much as I do, and in this three year commitment there is plenty to consider. Yet he is invested and by my side, as I wrap up this semester with doubts about my purpose. He gathers up the children to write a card, set up flowers, and treats to celebrate.DSC_2880He also does not judge when I binge watch documentaries as an escape from the studying (the Wolfpack, Twinsters, and I’m Still Here just to name a few).


My mom took us to brunch at a spot my grandfather loved.
DSC02315We even sat at the booth he preferred.DSC02317Hard to believe we have gone on without him.DSC02319That little twinge of heart ache may never disappear. We have each other to lean on and celebrate with smiles, because that is exactly what he would have wanted.




In our hands

Can’t get enough of reading around here these days.DSC02219This little guy can devour books like no one else. Thanks Cara.
DSC02314These are the books I have been reading for entertainment. I am laughing hard.
DSC02238We like to reread books at bedtime with a captive audience. We are hoping to purge a few in the upcoming season.



Happy December!

Found this two months ago at a shop I love. Couldn’t wait to hang it up last night.

DSC02307Bonus: blank library cards I had fit inside the pockets perfect. Looks like we are ready for the holiday season.DSC02311Off to start those lovely Christmas cards (thanks Janet!), expect one in the mail soon.

Who doesn’t love calendars and stamps?