Tuesday :: Around Here

Olivine and I think alike..we woke up so happy to find rain. Especially when a girl’s got Hello Kitty boots and a matching umbrella to spin around in.DSC02557After dropping the boys off at school, we came home to a cozy house and had a dance party inside.DSC02555At some point I sat down in the kitchen to admire the drawing Paul had left behind at breakfast.DSC02556We are slowly getting back into our routines, but I have a couple weeks to ease back in and I plan on going at a slower pace.

I even made it to yoga tonight and found myself letting all those crazy lists run through my mind. I kept returning to my breath and at some point my mind was emptied.


One response to “Tuesday :: Around Here

  1. Richard Frias

    Kstar how art thou.. joey how are things.. was plotting oit a project over by Starr King and got caught

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