Bit by Bit

I am endlessly searching for smaller ways to improve our environment. I am good at hoarding and still beginning to learn how to let go (a little at a time). I would guess some of this latest organizational craze is mixed into a frustration with an ongoing stack of boxes in my living room. It is shrinking, but has not disappeared. And yet, the work to go through each box is draining. These small projects help motivate me… (or are these excuses??)
sm_DSC02618Hello small cupboard that I open weekly to access the coin bowl (for laundry). You are in my kitchen and make me sad. You are full of recipe books.
sm_DSC02619When spread out, there are over 25 cookbooks. What?! Most of them are nostalgic from our days of living as vegans. I even found some baby food cookbooks. I won’t lie, more recently I have taken to finding recipes on line. After a trip to Target and $10 later…I am feeling so much better! I donated a ton, tossed a few recipes, and made myself organized!sm_DSC02620Then there has been my desk. Mostly a dumping ground, where I could only ever sift through the top. I finally dumped the inside out.
sm_DSC02621Found homes for everything and kept the items I need inside my desk…within reach now.sm_DSC02625And the top is cleared so I can use the space for studying or grading papers. Bonus: the two gift cards lost in the shuffle, from months ago.

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