Joe and I have been trying hard to budget better. This looks like writing down spending, using more cash rather than our card (after two issues of fraud-in two months), and talking regularly about our money. It makes sense that a result of this money talk means I am thinking more about where my money goes. I have found some pretty cool local places.

DSC02664This is a donut shop run by a husband and wife. It’s not Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. One dollar coffee with so many choices. I love this! There are just too many flavors to sample in one visit.

DSC02669Laurie is the woman behind the pies. They taste amazing and knowing I am tasting food from her kitchen is awesome. She just had her kickstarter funded and is in the stages of looking for her kitchen and a store front. In the meantime her pies can be found inside the Made store downtown. Another local shop full of fun artistic finds.

DSC02688Another new to me, down the street shop that has amazing balloons and pinatas. Owned by a mom, who lives in the neighborhood and is finding her passion can be a business model.

This week my friend Julie bragged about her Supercuts lady leaving and striking out on her own. She is opening a salon in her garage. Sign me up!

My friend Kat is her own boss. She is a personal trainer with clients like…. the entire staff at the Aquarium. How cool is that?

I am in no position or desire to be my own boss. But I love the idea. Even more, I love the inspiration behind stories about people doing what they want on their own terms. If we are lucky enough to do what we love and find that skill can also provide an income, it’s like a win-win!

My motto…shop local and learn the names of the folks who are behind the business.


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