Egg Hunt

For Easter, we only hide a couple around the house
2016-03-27_06:12:30--3696and then we head out to Signal Hill to hide a ton of eggs.2016-03-27_06:17:10--3699The kids usually come back and beg to eat jellybeans or seem restless after being outside so early. But this year I found dinosaur eggs in Target’s dollar bin. This was perfect.2016-03-27_07:44:52--3718They sat at the table for hours (I swear) digging and excavating out the mini dinosaur.2016-03-27_07:45:08--3722At some point they decided it was dusty and gathered their own masks which I loved. They were full of concentration.2016-03-27_07:44:01--3715Until around noon when Joe and I decided it was time to head outdoors. We spent the rest of the day at the beach.2016-03-27_11:44:30--3829They ran around on the sand, in the waves, and made crazy contraptions.2016-03-27_11:50:43--3852This was such a great way to celebrate and spend time together.2016-03-27_11:48:26--3843Christ is Risen!

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