Tiara Talk

Olivine was wearing a tiara on Tuesday to school, when Henry noticed in the car and asked if her jewels were real?

DSC02817She said yes only to be argued with..

H: No they can’t be real. that is too expensive!

O: Yes they are (pointing)…Look, they are real. They are plastic.

H: Oh, that is what I meant. They are plastic. That is not real. Real jewels are expensive, like your earrings. (Then he is suddenly distracted) Mom when did you have enough money to buy those real jewel earrings? I don’t remember you having a lot of money.

O: (Before I can answer) Henry, how do they make real jewels?

P: Henry doesn’t know (that is how big brothers talk sometimes).

H: Yes I do (pausing and then declaring). They are made from water.

O: Ohhh.. wow! (Big eyes and a perfect ‘o’ of a mouth)

H: (continuing with long pauses, with the dramatic effect he makes it sounds like magic or a very clear explanation for a toddler). The dirt hardens the water and then people find those and make things out of the jewels

O: Well, then how do they get the color?

P: Yeah, how Henry?

H: They paint them on. Like your jewel earrings. They painted them purple.

P: Okay (sounds believable)..but don’t they also add air?

H: Yeah I just didn’t say that because air is everywhere (quick recovery)

O: Is air the sky? Where does the sky end? (always more questions)

H: The sky doesn’t end. Does it mommy? (I am the expert- often called on to take sides, but I am intentionally remaining quiet)

P: The sky is all around, even in this car, right now.

O: What? We are in the sky? The sky is here! (looking around confused)

H: Yeah, Paul is right. That is how we can breathe Ollie, even though the doors are closed and the windows are up. Feel it (Deep breath)

She nods

I smile, listening and occasionally looking at the three of them buckled in a row, side by side, in the backseat of my car.

Siblings..science..asking questions out loud on our way to school.

I love it!



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