Teacher Appreciation

We spent time this week thinking about all the good teachers bring to our lives (yes, Joe and I are biased). With three little ones, the care they are given by people we trust means so much. DSC02827It is important to take the time to say thank you for a job that is often underpaid and under-recognized.

Paul was quick to add stickers and think about each one of his teachers in after school care.DSC02826Henry’s sentences included special moments as well, but he opted to draw pictures. That made the cards colorful and unique.DSC02825While Olivine has many more teachers than either of the boys. Plus, she is younger, so she really worked hard on writing their names.DSC02822And Olivine has a favorite teacher who she imitates the mismatch style of DSC02783so we framed this photo and shared the love. DSC02819We also bought plants for some head teachers and then wrote some special letters to other head teachers and tucked them in the water bottles. Last week, I volunteered at the teacher dinner which is always a big hit. There is always plenty of food and a chance to say thanks over and over. We try to do this more than once a year. I want my kids to share the big hearts that they naturally have.

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