Father’s Day 2016

We usually go camping and because a heat wave hit, I am so relieved we didn’t (We will Joe- I promise). With only one night to spare, we stayed over at the Queen Mary. Sort of surprising that we have never gone. It’s in our own backyard.

DSC_4965After opening presents and reading through cards, we packed up early and headed over.DSC_4973We wandered the decks, going higher and higher. The kids loved the slanting floor and the idea that this ship is docked. They really wanted it to set sail.DSC_4975We had two adjoining rooms and packed plenty of snacks. I assumed food on board wouldn’t be too bad, but really there wasn’t much for vegetarians. So we walked over to Hotel Maya.DSC_4992We enjoyed pineapple sangria and enchiladas and the open air. DSC_5000This was our expression when the waiter brought over extra drinks from a mistake at the bar. Free drinks!DSC_5042By the time the sunset, we popped open the tiny windows and peeked out for the view. We had the chance to watch the colors change and wave to folks on boats going by. A mini getaway to celebrate Joe… the papa, husband, best friend, and teacher who I love.


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