The Mall

We wandered the mall this afternoon (only because the Target we went to was attached).

We look lost in this photograph


and that is generally how I feel when I am at the mall with all the lights and music and even televisions.

It makes me wonder how I spent so much time enjoying malls as a twelve year old.

My boys were in amazement seeing as how this was their first encounter with the mall.

A carousel indoors??


We even introduced them to cheese on a awful yet tasty invention.


Where they won prize coupons by spinning the wheel.


Afterwards splurging on popcorn…which means we were feeling extra crazy on this Tuesday.


Which I realized was an oversized box of Cracker Jacks without the prize.

One response to “The Mall

  1. Ricardo Frias

    I am glad Big Henry is doing good, There all growing fast! (That oversized box of cracker jacks by the way has me craving for pop-corn)

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