of course this didn’t slow us down from heading to the bayDSC09163but we did go a day early this week (we usually go on Wed.)DSC09175and took our boogie boards (thank you Julie) to play with.DSC09193Paul is looking forward to when he can take his board to the buoy.DSC09228Olivine is getting better at keeping her hat on.DSC09223I am practicing staying present so I did not bring a book and kept my eyes wide open with little ones.DSC09230Henry may need some European style, fitted swim trunksDSC09200and we are all grateful to live so close to the ocean,DSC09227despite the sand that manages to get everywhere.

One response to “Overcast

  1. It’s so hard to believe that Paul is a boy now! He was still fresh from the womb when i last worked with you. He looks just like you! And I remember meeting Henry once! And little O! What a beautiful name. Love this. I’ll say it again, so happy for you and your family!

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