Lately I have been falling asleep exhausted just like the kids.2013-06-29_16.06.38_from_tina_pirate_festival_139Saturday was the rummage sale and pirate take over on the pier
2013-06-29_10.46.56_from_tina_pirate_festival_15of course the boys dressed up and never really were able to determine if they had seen ‘real pirates’ or not.2013-06-29_11.11.08_from_tina_pirate_festival_25There have been random photo snapping
2013-06-29_16.08.03_from_tina_pirate_festival_145trying to capture their summer time faces.2013-06-29_16.48.09_from_tina_pirate_festival_190Sunday was a long walk

IMG_4503over in Bolsa Chica
IMG_4446with a little bird watching.
IMG_4471Paul got too hot, he did a lot of running ahead.IMG_4497By the evening we made our way over to the Bay to watch friends get baptized.
DSC09156I forgot bathing suits so the boys jumped in with underwear after the ceremonies.IMG_4540Monday was baking cake balls
DSC09157this time we borrowed a babycakes machine (thanks Tina)DSC09159and dropping by the Goodwill for the perfect find: $5 badmitton set, which we used washi tape to rewrap the handle.DSC09161I even snuck out for an early birthday dinner with some lady friends. I have had a crush on these blue jars forever but hadn’t bought them, but a friend with the identical taste gave them to me as a gift. Perfect.
DSC09232During this time, we noticed a new month on our calendar and are wishing you a happy start of your July.

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