Orange County Fair

is where we spent five hours todayDSC00515after donating school supplies and getting in for free.DSC00516We did a ton of walking and riding.
DSC00451This time we bought the boys wrist bands so they could go on unlimited rides together.DSC00467Which meant they could play two games and Henry won a cupcake toy.DSC00500They loved the cars, vans, monster trucks, and motorcycle rides that went in a circle .
DSC00456Paul tackled this giant slide all by himself which impressed me, because this was the slide I always wanted to go on as a kid, but could never find the courage to climb those steps.DSC00458I rode one ride- spinning dinosaur eggs- Can you tell who didn’t like the spinning?DSC00460He got over it (I promise).DSC00537Of course we took a break to hug cotton candy
DSC00514and eat cotton candy
DSC00474or as Henry calls it “rotten candy” (but he still loves it).DSC00475Olivine likes the taste but not necessarily being sticky.
DSC00470I ate a deep friend klondike bar and Joe had nachos with fried pickles. Yum!DSC00476Olivine was awesome at hanging outDSC00483or calling to her brothers.DSC00531She loved all the sights and sounds.DSC00532We found the crazy bug exhibit
DSC00522the huge sand sculptureDSC00525and for some reason the boys split up to ride the mini roller coaster.
DSC00497This was Paul’s first roller coaster.
DSC00498We even squeezed into a photo boothDSC00552before heading homeDSC00544to put little ones to bed.

One response to “Orange County Fair

  1. Kathy

    what a fun fun day! Thanks for sharing. All the kids look so grown up, even Olivine!

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