these last few weeks that are slipping by quickly.
DSC00558After a meeting at school we loaded up and headed out to the bay.DSC00585Olivine spent an extraordinary amount of time scooping
DSC00553and pouring the water.DSC00556I watched her collect shells and heard her say “shell” and “pretty” for the first time.DSC00634The boys stood at the sea wall looking for fish and pushing piles of sand into the water.
DSC00591Us girls prefer to sun batheDSC00643and avoid getting too sandy.
DSC00596We hardly notice the bee hanging out on Olivine’s hat.DSC00650Paul pretended to be a dolphin.
DSC00581Henry likes to kick on his boogie boardDSC00586or roll in the sand.DSC00642There was snacking on grapes together
DSC00599as our lips tasted of salt water.DSC00616Some peekaboo playDSC00658and so much sunshine.

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