Back to School

In phases with me and papa first. Next up, was Henry and Olivine. Joey1978 RulezThey started back on Tuesdays, going twice a week.Joey1978 RulezThis gave Paul one last breakfast alone with his papa. A fabulous way to say good-bye to summer.Joey1978 RulezOn Wednesday our oldest and first born started kindergarten. I’m full of sentiment looking at this boy who counts down the days of summer, truly disappointed that he was the last to go back to school. He spent a handful of days proclaiming “I’m ready” and he is. He loves school, learning, playing, and having a slice of independence. A space all his own without the doting on Olivine and distractions of Henry. My favorite quote at the end of the day was “When I close my eyes, my teacher sounds like Mrs. Wilson (his teacher last year) and I love it.”Joey1978 RulezOne more moment in parenting, where I get to practice letting go.

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