Birthday Bowling

to celebrate our friend Andrew turning six (this is Paul’s friend since they were three at the co-op).
Joey1978 Rulez
There were teams on each lane, including Olivine.
Joey1978 RulezAt some point papa and baby went on an adventure on the other side with the arcade games.Joey1978 RulezMy first though was “why?” but when I saw the pictures I mostly wished they had won.
Joey1978 RulezPaul looks pretty good as a pin.Joey1978 RulezThe boys were having a blastDSC01232I never knew there was this kid bowling support contraption to push balls off ofDSC01234At one point the noise and action of balls and people shocked our youngest
Joey1978 Rulezbut she can enormously resilient
Joey1978 Rulez
especially if there is chocolate birthday cake.Joey1978 RulezBy the end I felt like she looked
Joey1978 Rulezand that’s what a six year old birthday should feel like. Well done Demboski Family- STRIKE!

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