my sleep is sandwiched between so much joyDSC01251where Henry wants to cuddle in bed telling me about how the moon looks like banana
DSC01256and Paul wakes up first (super early) and I serve him breakfast on the couch while I pack lunches.

This Morning

We walked over to the park and I just watched and listened. After a full week at work I just needed to sit.Joey1978 RulezThe boys rode their bikes while Olivine stayed close byJoey1978 RulezShe found rolly polliesJoey1978 Rulezand Henry found a stray balloonJoey1978 Rulezwhich he eventually gave to Olivine and she ended up hugging it too hard.Joey1978 RulezWe meandered our way home, stopping for a session on the workout barsJoey1978 Rulezand suddenly I am recharged. My family is the best cure for my stress and they are always reminding me life is full.

Up Close

She imitates her papa, spinning her baby around.Joey1978 RulezSometimes she doesn’t want to do what she is told or asked.Joey1978 RulezOther times she looks like she is going to give you a piece of her mind.Joey1978 RulezIt will change on a dime when papa has let her play in the sun too longJoey1978 Rulezand then insists on packing her back into the bike cart.

Back to School

In phases with me and papa first. Next up, was Henry and Olivine. Joey1978 RulezThey started back on Tuesdays, going twice a week.Joey1978 RulezThis gave Paul one last breakfast alone with his papa. A fabulous way to say good-bye to summer.Joey1978 RulezOn Wednesday our oldest and first born started kindergarten. I’m full of sentiment looking at this boy who counts down the days of summer, truly disappointed that he was the last to go back to school. He spent a handful of days proclaiming “I’m ready” and he is. He loves school, learning, playing, and having a slice of independence. A space all his own without the doting on Olivine and distractions of Henry. My favorite quote at the end of the day was “When I close my eyes, my teacher sounds like Mrs. Wilson (his teacher last year) and I love it.”Joey1978 RulezOne more moment in parenting, where I get to practice letting go.

Birthday Bowling

to celebrate our friend Andrew turning six (this is Paul’s friend since they were three at the co-op).
Joey1978 Rulez
There were teams on each lane, including Olivine.
Joey1978 RulezAt some point papa and baby went on an adventure on the other side with the arcade games.Joey1978 RulezMy first though was “why?” but when I saw the pictures I mostly wished they had won.
Joey1978 RulezPaul looks pretty good as a pin.Joey1978 RulezThe boys were having a blastDSC01232I never knew there was this kid bowling support contraption to push balls off ofDSC01234At one point the noise and action of balls and people shocked our youngest
Joey1978 Rulezbut she can enormously resilient
Joey1978 Rulez
especially if there is chocolate birthday cake.Joey1978 RulezBy the end I felt like she looked
Joey1978 Rulezand that’s what a six year old birthday should feel like. Well done Demboski Family- STRIKE!


this jelly from France (raspberry please).DSC01235

the last few flowers from a bouquet the Paul picked out at Trader Joe’s.

the open kitchen window with a breeze and slightly cooler weather.

a house that sleeps in on Sunday morning, with children straggling into our room one at a time.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez

Staying Cool

with 90 degree plus weather we are trying hard to stay cool in Long Beach
Joey1978 Rulezwith a ride on the water taxiJoey1978 Rulezbeing tourists in our own backyard
Joey1978 Rulezeating ice cream
Joey1978 Rulezlots of time spent in diapers
DSC01227naps are even sweatyJoey1978 Rulezand finally when we exhausted all choices, we headed to the bay.
DSC01191They were so excited to feel the chills from the water while laying in the sunDSC01193and the breeze off the water
DSC01205The happiness showed in their behavior, because we all know that the heat can make folks a little cranky, and the cooler weather was our relief.