Book Themed Baby Shower

for my dear friend Melissa in collaboration with some of her friends – We pulled it off.
DSC01637Olivine was very confused about this baby. She did wind up snagging it’s pacifier  (Her first one every and no we didn’t bring it home).
DSC01676I am thrilled to have been invited to join the fun of planning and crafting and shopping and designing. I think this could totally be my job in another life: party planner.DSC01635In these days of homework and grading and cooking and cleaning and being a grown up with many responsibilities, I have had a break over the last couple weeks as I set aside time to thinking up the details.DSC01677And there were many…handmade of course
DSC01634The DIY of the baby shower was selecting a book we provided and writing a baby dedication inside- to build a library for this little one.
DSC01629There were decorations along the theme
DSC01647games: “Match bible babies to their parents”DSC01701all very “literacy based”- this was the get to know you gameDSC01702it is what my master’s degree is in folks..come on..DSC01704I wasn’t going to blind fold anyone or make anyone act crazy. I much more prefer to stick to what I know: reading and writing. This game “Alternate Titles to Children’s Books” like the Unattractive Aquatic Bird also could be The Ugly Duckling. Lots of fun and yup..I am a nerd.DSC01703Four games in total that each were rewarded with a library pocket card, due date included. I tucked a Starbuck’s gift card inside.DSC01705There were favors
DSC01646and yes macaroons are gluten free as wellDSC01699attached to a bookmark with a quote I love.
DSC01700Her mom took care of the food- including the gluten free cake
DSC01659and opened up her living room. She had homemade kiefer on hand for many of us to try.DSC01657She even sent me home with a bottle (Yum!)DSC01670We had a sharing “momma wisdom” time and there were tears and laughter. At the end of it all I feel like “mission accomplished” because so many of us love this baby and coupleDSC01695 and this is just one way we wanted to gather together to bless them.

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