I am the girl who had a stamp collection at seven years old and a life long pen-pal at eleven. I have stayed in touch with friends as they moved across country or overseas and wrote love letters galore to Joe while living in France (a box full- I swear). I am currently in themidst of a postcard project with a friend and have a letter to write back to from Judy in SF. I love mail!

And now it looks like that is being passed along to Paul who was dying to have a pen pal. So he decided his first attempt would be a good friend in Pasadena who he sent a letter to last week.

Joey1978 Rulez

She is his only friend with a treehouse and he is super jealous. He also refused to write “love” because “she’s a girl.”


Today he got a reply.


Yay for the beauty of mail. The waiting is part of the fun and he is eager to write back, even when I suggested giving her a call. He is opting for a letter with a stamp please.

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