We made ornaments and got crafty.DSC02188We took turns riding the scooterDSC02186on the sidewalk
DSC02180and at some point I realized she had snagged my camera (hand it over Olivine).DSC02184The night was topped off with sweet potato and chard tacos (it was a meal inspired by our produce box) and an eight o’clock screening of Home Alone (we like to laugh around here).


We both cut our hair and now we have bangs.DSC02178

In Honor

This past week would have been my grandpa’s birthday and one place he loved to go was “out to brunch.” So today we went in his honor. We remember going almost one year ago:dsc06359-scaled1000We sat in the same booth and watched the boats.

DSC02197We went back for seconds and ate until our tummies were stuffed. The boys even came home and napped just like Jich would.


As I looked out across the table this morning there is so much that has happened in one year. So much I would want my Jich to see and know. Our little girls it talking up a storm and I wish you could hear her voice. Henry is almost as big as Paul, as we predicted he would be. Paul is writing a ton and loving kindergarten. Joe just finished the hardest semester ever and I have a second job. We are shopping around for a second car and desperately need your opinion. DSC02197We miss you. There are days like today where I can’t really believe you are gone.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez

In the Moment

I am so grateful for tonight-Ladies night out to hear Shauna Niequist (an author I love).

DSC02143Her message to think deeply about how I live this Christmas season was just what I needed to hear. Encouragement to rethink hospitality and my home and what this reflects about my heart. A challenge to change or make this time of year meaningful in a way that reflect my values. When put that way, I remember how much I really love Christmas and that I am being given an opportunity to create traditions with my family.

DSC02145Plus, who doesn’t love autographed copies of books worn well from reading.

DSC02148I have all three copies, but did pick up some extras tonight for ladies I love. ¬†Believe me when I say I don’t have one I would recommend over the others. Read all three.


They wanted to bundle up good for our morning walkDSC02136We went on a “kitty hunt” and found about six or seven.¬†DSC02126They found treasuresDSC02124and the crisp air is wonderful.


Our second year at purchasing a tree and feeling a little less intimidated by the whole process. Paul is mighty particular about the size, insisting on no tiny trees but understanding we do not have room for a giant tree.DSC02108Free train tickets with purchaseDSC02103so why not?DSC02102Grammy gave us some classicsDSC02109and we pulled out our gear from last year.DSC02112We pulled it off- Ta da!DSC02122and yes, it smells good and the lights are festive.


Henry is at the early stage of literacy where he is reading signs and symbols that I don’t even see. Like this one, across the street.DSC02091It’s a sign about “being under surveilance” but the boys have read the sign and have told me many times that it is a “Warning” and states that I will be arrested by police if I take a picture of the garage (there’s an image of camera). Of course I insist, to just snap a photo of them and then we can see if the police will come. At the moment I take the picture, Paul goes to put his leg up on the garage door, it echoes, and Henry is sure that is the sound of the police coming. He bolts! (and I crack up)DSC02092But I do truly love the reading and so later when he is opening a lego packages and says see I told you “No Babies” he convinces me that he really is understanding what he reads.DSC02120


That’s my classroom on Saturday.DSC02088

I gave my first final and am wrapping up my first semester as a part-time college professor. I have loved my students and their age range and native languages and feedback and appreciation.

I won’t lie about being thrilled to have Saturday mornings with my family for the next 9 weeks. This sixth day of work has kicked my butt and I am ready for winter break already. I’ve got ten days left and counting.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.Joey1978 Rulez