So our lives have been slightly out of sorts. Our little girl went from breathing treatments last weekend to a couple days of not eating and throwing up this week. We had lots of bathing and cuddling and laundry as a result. But notice- she is still smiling all the while saying “tummy hurt” and my heart ached at the inability to make it stop.
By the second night, I had Joe drag the mattress into their room so I could help her in the middle of the night. This means not much sleep, but lots of peace of mind.
Joey1978 Rulez
We even had an incident in the car requiring a full cleaning of the car seat. We used a blanket as the stand in cover.DSC02658Then early in the week we let the boys watch the State of the Union address, but after that our phone and internet went out. A couple days of no phone made us feel very separated from the world and from each other. We are now discussing the real possibility of getting cell phones. No one else seems to care that our land line wires are shriveled and decaying.
DSC02649Life did not stop though. Paul had pajama day at schoolJoey1978 Rulezand Henry has been busy baking at school. Here he is with his apple tart.Joey1978 RulezI am bummed that Joe had to miss two days of student teaching this week. But he was more than willing. And so we hodge podged the week and now it’s Saturday. More time for playing outside
Joey1978 Rulezor walking in the neighborhood to swing on random chairs in trees
DSC02631and visiting the aquarium.
DSC02660 Olivine can’t get enough of these penguins… she prefers “tiny one.”Joey1978 RulezAnd there is residual coughing but she seems much better today. She was even playing with the water- pushing the buttonJoey1978 RulezWowJoey1978 Rulezand just like that we are back.

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