Lost Time

I know others can relate to the sacred time of the weekend. There are only so many hours and some of that time is spent with baths, meals, and naps (not to mention chores). So when Henry caught the twenty-four hour flu Saturday night and was throwing up all night, I should have known I was up next. My days were numbered (I didn’t forget about who I caught strep from).DSC02700There were love notes from children and beautiful pieces of artwork delivered bedside as I slept most of the day.
DSC02698Tonight after a long day at work, as I cooked dinner, that lost time caught up to Miss Olivine. She whimpered, moaned, and tugged at my leg. After a day apart and feeling like her weekend time was cut short, she insisted on being carried while I made dinner. Joe was at class, and with one arm I wasn’t getting anything done.
DSC02694That’s when I realized, she is still small enough that I can put her in the Ergo. Problem solved and she was as happy as a clam.DSC02696I looked over at one point to see a boy who is in love with his globe. I love this age!

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