Three Day Splurge

to attend the Kindergarten Festival.Joey1978 Rulezto get free books and fingerprints and get excited for Henry to go to Transitional Kinder next year.Joey1978 Rulezto have siblings that can tolerate the morning, even if it isn’t about them.Joey1978 Rulezto chase squirrels in the park.Joey1978 Rulezto play with dolls and sip hot drinks.
Joey1978 Rulezto draw side by side.
DSC02816to hear stories read aloud.
to play trains.Joey1978 Rulezto cross off our list: file taxes on-line, drop off dry cleaning, laundry, groceries, and homework.

to not hide the surprise in our voices when Paul asks to stay at the child development center with his siblings this morning. Joe and I are left giddy and go out to breakfast. A spontaneous date.

What a wonderful weekend.

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