Birthday Letter

Dear Olivine,
You have been such a surprise. From the moment we found out we were pregnant to the time we first saw you. The yoga class I was taking encouraged choosing a word for each pregnancy. With Paul I meditated on “peace”(he turned out so mellow) and with Henry I meditated on “joy” (the smiley face in our team). For you, the word I chose was “love.”
dsc03579-scaled1000And with your birthday so close to Valentine’s it seems like hearts and love will be a theme. You show affection easily to those you love, teaching us all the time that our hearts are big.img_1224Long gone are the days of your scooting across the rug. You are clearly a toddler. You are talking up a storm. Even counting to three. You love to sing, dance, and hold baby dolls. My favorite is when I catch you closing your eyes, serenading “rock a by baby”, while rocking your baby.
Sometimes the influences are clearly your big brothers. Like when we let you pick out shoes for your birthday and you insisted on Ninja Turtle shoes. Of course you would want those slip ons.Joey1978 RulezYou have convinced your father that you can hold your own, as we watch you wrestle with your brothers. You have already mastered “no” in an assertive, listen up, tone.
I have said it before but we are like a glove, this family of five, which wouldn’t have been possible without you. DSC02803 I didn’t know I would need a baby girl as much as I do, now that I have one. I love you. Happy Birthday Olivine-y.

Love, this lucky Momma

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