My dear friend Angela has a new house and a new baby and it had been many years since we hung out in real life.DSC00121So I finally made the plans, packed the bag (the morning I left), and brought Olivine along for the adventure. We were able to break in our matching summer sandals.

DSC00054Flying Jet Blue out of Long Beach is easy. A two hour direct flight
DSC00025with plenty of buttons to keep her entertained.
DSC00031I have been to Portland once, on a road trip with my mom. Okay twice, but the first time was my honeymoon train trip and we only stretched our legs. But this third time (really the charm) felt like the local trip.DSC00060I found a lavendar latte DSC00074at the corner coffee shop.
DSC00070My friends cooked dinner each night (I might need this recipe)
DSC00036and we ate in their backyard
DSC00037borrowed their bathtub and then lounged on their porch.DSC00109These are the type of friends I get on an airplane to see. The kind where it feels welcoming and comfortable. I was thrilled to have our kids side by side

DSC00064as we attempted to talk and eat food and count dinosaurs all at the same time. Very every day feeling, like I live down the street instead of in another state.DSC00066Olivine found joy in Theo’s toys. She would climb into this and say it was her office. As she pushed the buttons, she called it typing.
DSC00034It was incredibly mellow with a trip to the co-op for olive oil and fruit.photo 4A walk to Cafe Au Play

DSC00099perfect for the little ones

with vegan treatsDSC00083and a built in playgroundDSC00091bordered by gardens

DSC00084and a teenage barista training program all wrapped into one.

DSC00081These two began to sync up just as it was time to leave and I realize that is how it is. Time goes by quickly and taking time to appreciate the moment matters.DSC00150I think I could live in this town. With it’s overgrown gardens, city wide compost, folks on bikes, Tibetan prayer flags, chalk drawings, hippy plus urban plus mountain vibe. Big skies with puffy clouds but mornings that are gray and chilly.DSC00148Before that happens I have to take Joe and the kids. Road trip next summer. Sounds like a must! Let’s check the maps

DSC00152and until then, I don’t know if I will ever take this baby so far from her papa. She missed him like crazy. Everyday she asked for him and looked for him.DSC00166Henry your turn next to go on an airplane, I promise.

Thank you to my gracious hosts. Seriously, when you are headed to Southern California-we will host!

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