Tears of Joy

This is what I tell my boys when they see me crying in a seemingly happy moment.
Today was Paul’s last day of kindergarten.
Joey1978 RulezI love his teacher so much. I can’t believe it’s over and as he gets bigger and smarter and taller and funnierDSC00189I am in awe.

The class performed multiple songs today. His teacher made us a cd and a handprint. I know if he is anything like me, he will go back to that print and hold his hand over it to see how big he is. It will be the reminder of all that he learned this year. The ways he has grown in such a short time.DSC00199As a treat, he was given breakfast on the couch while everyone else slept in.DSC00167After drop off, we picked up flowers and drinks and headed back to see the show. A row full of the younger siblings behind me.DSC00183I know we will do this again and I bet I will cry at each one. It happens so fast.

But I am quick to dry my eyes at the lunch table when it hits me: The Sullivans are officially on an all family, summer fun time together. We did it!

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