Better Listening

I am a terrible friend who will interrupt a good story to ask a follow up question. I am an even worse wife, who will guess at his punch line before the joke has been delivered. In seeking to hone my listening skills I have found myself spending more time in silent prayer. I guess sometimes called meditation.

DSC00997Every time I prayed about my friend Jenny I felt the need to extend my interest in organizing and maybe somehow she would receive this rather than feel insulted. This seriously took months of prayer. As soon as I offered help and time and extra hands I knew this was real.DSC01002Today, I can say, we made a dent. Seven trash bags later, a car loaded for give away, a closet rearranged, and a home office I hope she can work with. She put up with my teasing and urge to toss it all. There is a distinctly empty shelf and a wooden floor to admire. The space cleared under her window where she is hoping to purchase shelving. DSC01004I am so proud of the team we made today. She opened her doors and in turn I gained some serious listening skills. All of my motivation came from wanting to create breathing room in the place where she works (I have no idea what working from home is like, I have a classroom for all “that” clutter). I want her to access her stamps for card making and save some crafts for projects with her boys, but put it within arms reach rather than a pile that took much effort to dig through.

Plus, Jenny is so much like me. She had containers stuffed with containers. She likes pretty paper, saving letters, filing systems, children’s artwork, and all the “I might use that someday” items. I guess that is what we like about our friends, the similarities and ways we think the same. Jenny and I could talk your ear off, if you let us. But we also know our limits, can ask for help, and learn from one another.

In case you are wondering, I have five more weeks left of summer. Can I come over and help??


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