Catch & Release

I asked my cousin several times if any fish would be harmed in this process.DSC00972He promised me that the fish would be fine.DSC00978Otherwise, my little Henry agreed to eat whatever fish we caught and prepared.
DSC00977I used to go fishing with my grandpa and I do remember waiting and thinking and talking.
DSC00976Yesterday we spent a couple hours doing just that, down at the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier.DSC00980Although, watching junior lifeguards jump off the pier took away some of the boredom.
DSC00973At another point the boys watched like  a flock of seagulls as a fisherman cleaned his fish.DSC00981My cousin showed us the ropes and really he is the one who brought most of the poles and bait.DSC00983In the second half of the day we went to the bayDSC00986and the boys played together in the sandDSC00988until dinner time.DSC00987We walked to the Park Pantry
DSC00992 and then over to Rite Aid for ice cream cones.
DSC00994 Yay for time with cousins!

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