Road Trip :: Solvang

I decided it was high time we stopped into this town that in Dutch is called “sunny fields.” This was one place Joe remembers visiting with his parents. His mother loved it. When I looked around, I could see her love of walking the European styled streets filled with shopping and food. It was the perfect stop in our drive.
Joey1978 Rulez The kids loved the horse drawn trolley and I loved the windmills.
Joey1978 Rulez This was our spot for lunch
Joey1978 Rulezand play
Joey1978 Rulezas a family,Joey1978 Rulez
which was followed closely by napping and enjoying of the scenic Highway One drive. Joey1978 Rulez Stopping occassionally to take in the view of the beautifully diverse coastJoey1978 RulezThe boys loved jumping out, taking a peek over a cliff, and jumping back in.Joey1978 RulezWe braked for the Elephant Seals. Paul called them “ugly, gross, and fascinating.” Henry guessed their burp like talking was because they had water stuck in their throats. We agreed their body movements looked similar to mermaids.
Joey1978 RulezI will also take a quick moment to say my boys impressed me. They sat in the car for hours and just enjoyed the view. Joey1978 RulezEven my baby girl. By the end of the first day, we opened the door to hotel room, she jumped on the bedJoey1978 Rulezand looked like this (no joke).

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