Road Trip :: Central Coast

The whole push for this road trip that transpired in less than week, was visiting my Auntie Lily. She is the younger sister (the Olivine) to my Ji’chan. She is the sibling (besides my Aunt Dorothy who has since passed away) that I am closest to.
Joey1978 Rulez She lives in Salinas, down the street from the high school my grandfather attended before World War II.Joey1978 RulezI have been here  often enough that I  can instinctually find my way from the freeway, pass the downtown, and out among the shrinking small farm fields my Aunt’s house sits.
Joey1978 RulezWe had dinner together and played in her backyard.
Joey1978 RulezWe brought flowers and jam, picked up at a farm stand and a coffee shop. She asked about the boy’s enjoying their magazine subscription (for the last year I had no idea who was paying for it- so sneaky). She told me about her falling a couple times in the last year, I gave her my apologies for not showing up at my grandfather’s memorial (she would never ask, but definitely seemed confused). In the conversation, more than once she called him my dad, which is how I feel.
Joey1978 RulezI thought for sure, procrastinating this visit, that I would burst into tears when seeing her. I regret not having seen her when she came down for the memorial from last year. She reminds me of my grandfather in a multitude of ways. However, the tears followed the visit, driving back to the hotel. While visiting, I was immensely thankful.Joey1978 RulezI read books with Olivine on a blanket my grandfather’s mother made from scraps of fabric. A fifty year old blanket that looked incredible.
Joey1978 RulezAnd to look up and see my children bonding with my aunt,
Joey1978 Rulez was priceless.
Joey1978 RulezWe promise to return, to write more letters and make more phone calls,
Joey1978 Rulezmaybe bring tents to sleep in the backyard.
Joey1978 RulezThen headed back to the hotel. We stayed in Monterey so we could also visit the aquarium,
Joey1978 Rulezwhich is always worth the cost and the crowds and the parking.
Joey1978 RulezThe two special exhibits featuring  jellies and tentacles left us in awe.Joey1978 RulezPlus the boys asked a dozen times to promise to let them return when they were eight and sign them up for the dive class.Joey1978 RulezOh how we love aquariums!Joey1978 RulezThen we hit the road again:Joey1978 RulezJust a bit further north.

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