Road Trip :: Bay Area

Before we drove directly into our old neighborhood for a burrito and some leg stretching, we wandered around Lover’s Cove (in Monterey):Joey1978 RulezWe let the kids get out of some of their energyJoey1978 Rulezand I sucked in as much of that sunshine combined with ocean and reflected sky that I could.Joey1978 RulezI held hands with my little one and dug my toes in the sand.Joey1978 RulezMeanwhile Paul was simultaneously elated to have found this net and heartbroken to learn we would not let him bring it in the car with us.Joey1978 RulezBefore crossing the bridge to our hostel in Marin
Joey1978 Rulezwe made sure to stop in the Marina and take note of the difference between the bay and the ocean. We looked out at Angel Island and Alcatraz, as I made mental notes that these were places to visit when our kids were a tad bit older.
Joey1978 Rulez Happily, we saw friends.
Joey1978 RulezPeople usually make a place much more special feeling. In the city there are memories everywhere I look but those don’t matter as much as the chance to catch up with or just tag along like we did, and feel like we are in a home away from home. Not tourists or people passing through, but we are hanging out.Joey1978 RulezWe made it just in time to celebrate Dallis’ birthday
Joey1978 Rulezwith pizza, balloon, lotto tickets, and ice cream.Joey1978 RulezWe stayed up late and laughed a ton.Joey1978 RulezThese are friends we wished would move to Los Angeles (you better at least visit more, now that you bought a Prius).Joey1978 RulezIn the morning, we laid under open windows exposing the crispy air of the forest.
Joey1978 RulezWe last minute decided the best souvenirs of the city might come from Chinatown.
Joey1978 RulezA special place in Joe’s heart after working there with youth in Americorps.
Joey1978 RulezSo we splurged on wooden swords and a red umbrella.
Joey1978 RulezWe bought poppers for the walking and sesame balls for snacking.
Joey1978 RulezWe played in multiple parks.Joey1978 RulezWe tried to catch a sunset
Joey1978 Rulezand even asked strangers to take a family photo of the five of us.Joey1978 RulezWe saw Daren (which my kids voted for over my offers to take them on the trolley or the Farmer’s Market in the Ferry Building).
Joey1978 RulezWe drove across the new Bay Bridge while reading zines
Joey1978 Rulezand catching glimpses of the tearing down of the old bridge.
Joey1978 RulezWe visited the Exploratorium

Joey1978 Rulezand found an echoing tube that sounded like it came from Goggles! by Ezra Jack KeatsJoey1978 RulezHey, this room looked like the Mystery Spot in Santa CruzJoey1978 RulezThere was plenty to see and hear and touch, like any well made kid’s museum.Joey1978 RulezMy favorite pieces were these chairs and the “potty fountain”(Olivine’s name for it) which none of my kids would drink out of. It was a water fountain made from a toilet. I saw lots of funny sibling posed photos.Joey1978 RulezA close runner up was this outdoor installation that was modeled after the tides and kids could climb around in itDSC01079 This museum is located on Pier 15, which ten years ago, looked so different. The city is endlessly changing with construction in almost every corner, and at the same time rich with history and world famous landmarks. It is familiar and yet strangely new, all at the same time.Joey1978 RulezPaul wanted to see Giants stadium
Joey1978 Rulez(He adores sports these days).
Joey1978 RulezI think these little ones saw more of the city than we thought possible.
Joey1978 RulezWe walked a bunch (with no stroller and no baby sack). This scene is from Lands End (out near Sutro Baths with new trails)
Joey1978 RulezOf course we had burritos and falafels in the Mission,
Joey1978 Rulezpacked up the car at the end of the week,
Joey1978 Rulezand headed home under the big sky of highway 5. I read aloud the last fifty pages of the Cycle of Lies book I borrowed from the library (fascinating-about Lance Armstrong).Joey1978 RulezI come home from trips like this:
a. so happy to see my bed
b. fired up to plan our next adventure
c. sad we didn’t have more time (john, serena, nicole, phillip, sojourner’s’) to visit with all the people we miss
d. thankful that we have a family rhythm that includes summers and family vacations

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